Iridium Extreme 9575 Mil-Spec handset with tracking and SOS!

Iridium Extreme. Smarter. Tougher.

Iridium Extreme represents the ultimate in standardized, optimized and rugged engineering. It is the first military grade phone and highest IP rated phone, so you know it’s designed to enable the connections that matter, under the harshest conditions.

With built in GPS, location tracking, SOS, and voice communication, it is the first handset that brings all of these critical connections together in a single device that does it all:

  • Iridium’s smallest and lightest phone
  • Jet water resistant, shock resistant, dust proof
  • Voice, SMS, GPS, online tracking, data tethering
  • User-programmable SEND-compliant SOS button
  • Best in-hand ergonomics
  • Includes more accessories than any similar product

And as with all Iridium phones, Iridium Extreme connects to the only truly global satellite network offering coverage absolutely everywhere.

$1,395.00 Total $1,595.00

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