Inmarsat FleetOne

Inmarsat’s FleetOne terminal is designed for small and mid-sized¬†fishing and leisure vessels and delivers affordable, tailored broadband voice and data services not previously available to these ¬†market sectors.

FleetOne brings to the maritime communications world unparalleled advantages in cost, performance and ease of use. While at sea, FleetOne will be your

indispensable partner for all of your business or leisure communications needs.

Based on Inmarsat’s dependable, global I-4 satellite network, FleetOne makes it easy to talk, text, and send and receive emails at sea.

Fleet One offers one voice line and data up to 100kbps – ideal for accessing full-colour weather images, navigational charts and routing information, as well as

sending reports and browsing the web.

And with Inmarsat’s free 505 Emergency Calling service included, FleetOne helps keep sailors safe.

$3,295.00 Total