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Product Description

Global Dual-mode C/Ku-band Antenna System with Built-in CommBox Network Manager Provides Seamless C/Ku-band Coverage Perfect for World Voyaging Yachts 
The revolutionary TracPhone V11 uses one compact 1.1-meter antenna to effortlessly access both the C- and Ku-band satellites of the world’s No. 1 maritime VSAT network – mini-VSAT Broadband. It seamlessly switches between the services, automatically locking onto Ku-band service in most parts of the world, and immediately switching to C-band service when Ku-band service is unavailable because of geography or extreme weather. Providing truly global coverage, the compact TracPhone V11 ensures always-on broadband connectivity so that you, your crew, and guests stay connected no matter where you are cruising.

  • One compact antenna unit 85% smaller by volume and lighter than C-band VSATs – for faster, less costly installation
  • Data rates as fast as 4 Mbps download/1 Mbps upload
  • Affordable airtime rates and flexible plans
  • User-friendly web browser-based user interface that even includes an iPhone® app
  • Easy installations with the fastest activation in the industry
  • Remote diagnostics and monitoring, over-the-air software updates, and ease in creating unique networks for guest and crew access to e-mail and Internet

Built-in Network Management Simplifies Onboard Life 

TracPhone V11’s completely integrated belowdecks unit includes an ArcLight® spread spectrum modem and KVH’s breakthrough IP-enabled antenna control unit – the CommBox-ACU, which features a built-in CommBox Network Manager, VoIP adapter, Ethernet switch, and Wi-Fi capabilities for reliability and simple installation and use. Managing crew and guest access to Internet and e-mail on board has never been easier; keeping onboard applications current with over-the-air updates has never been more efficient.

Flexible End-to-end Solution 

TracPhone V11 and mini-VSAT Broadband work seamlessly, providing the only fully integrated solution on the maritime VSAT market: KVH manufactures the antenna hardware, operates the satellite network, provides affordable airtime service, and operates a 24/7/365 global after-sale support center. The result? A unique single-provider advantage that delivers the best quality in hardware and airtime and the most responsive and flexible service and support in the industry.


Additional Information

Weight 475 lbs
Dimensions 69 × 68 × 59 in
World’s first combined C- and Ku-band antenna, with seamless switching for always-on, broadband connectivity and global coverage
  • Completely integrated belowdecks unit includes ArcLight® spread spectrum modem and KVH’s breakthrough IP-enabled antenna control unit – the CommBox-ACU. The CommBox-ACU features a built-in CommBox Ship/Shore Network Manager, Voice over IP (VoIP) adapter, Ethernet switch, and Wi-Fi capabilities for reliability, easy installation, and simplified onboard networking
  • Compact design, 85% smaller by volume and lighter than older C-band VSAT antennas, ensures faster, less expensive installation
  • Modern, user-friendly web browser-based user interface with iPhone app
  • Data rates as fast as 1 Mbps ship-to-shore / 4 Mbps shore-to-ship
  • 3-axis gyro-stabilized antenna with 4th axis of automatic skew adjustment tracks satellites from directly above the vessel to low on the horizon
  • Two integrated voice lines optimized for use with satellite services with expansion capability for up to nine concurrent voice lines for crew calling, etc.
  • Proprietary ArcLight spread spectrum satellite technology for faster data transmissions and superior reception
  • Flexible, affordable airtime packages for every SATCOM need

Global C/Ku-band VSAT Antenna 

The TracPhone V11 is a breakthrough maritime satellite communications product designed for the broadband era and its requirements for onboard networking. Developed by KVH specifically for the industry-leading mini-VSAT Broadband network, TracPhone V11 uses a 1.1 m-diameter antenna dish, in a 1.2 m-diameter antenna unit. The 3-axis gyro-stabilized maritime VSAT antenna with a 4th axis of automatic skew adjustment boasts an extended elevation range of -24° to 119° ensuring that the antenna tracks satellites from directly above the vessel to low on the horizon.
  • ArcLight® Technology KVH’s mini-VSAT Broadband network takes a revolutionary approach to maritime satellite communications to maximize data and voice throughput while preventing interference to adjacent satellites. The network is based on ViaSat’s ArcLight Code Reuse Multiple Access (CRMA) spread spectrum technology, which significantly reduces contention issues, transmission delays, and offers more consistent speeds and shorter ping times resulting in faster web page loads compared to traditional Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) technology relied upon by other VSAT networks.
  • CommBox-ACU & ArcLight Modem  TracPhone V11’s completely integrated belowdecks unit includes an ArcLight spread spectrum modem and KVH’s new CommBox-ACU – an IP-enabled antenna control unit with a built-in CommBox Network Manager, VoIP adapter, Ethernet switch, and Wi-Fi capabilities for faster, trouble-free, and streamlined installations and user experience.
  • End-to-end SATCOM Solution The mini-VSAT Broadband service and the KVH TracPhone V11 antenna are part of the only global maritime communications solution from a single provider: KVH manufactures the TracPhone V-series antenna hardware, operates the mini-VSAT Broadband network, manages the airtime, and provides 24/7/365 after-sale support. The benefit: greater reliability, flexibility, quality, and overall ease of use for the customer.
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