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Explorer Satellite sells and rents handheld satellite phones and devices/airtime services that operate on the Iridium, Inmarsat and Thuraya satellite networks.   We also rent and sell Inmarsat BGAN, iSatHub and Thuraya IP equipment and services – these are more data-capable devices and services.


Many customers require portable satellite communications due to the need to be on the move and due to size and weight restrictions (think hiking, mountain climbing, hunting).  Other customers like the convenience and portability since satellite communications are not primary communications and having it along is for safety so a large awkward and feature-rich device is not required.


Portable Satellite solutions include handheld phones for voice, text/SMS and low speed data (2.4 Kpbs), and “pointable” devices that are a personal-sized satellite dish that is data capable of speeds of up to 492 Kpbs up/down.  Not as fast as most people’s homes or offices, but certainly fast enough for email and web browsing.


Select from these handheld and portable voice and text devices:




We also offer portable devices operating on Inmarsat and Thuraya’s networks that are primarily data terminals, yet offer voice as well. Data speeds range from 384 kbps down and 218 kbps up to 492 kbps down and 492 kbps up. Most of these devices use service that is charged by the MegaByte and using packet data are very reliable.


Select from these portable data capable devices: