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Explorer Satellite Communications, Inc.
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Iridium Satellite ServicesIridium Satellite Phones
SMS Service

The Iridium System is a satellite-based, wireless personal communications network providing a robust suite of voice features to virtually any destination anywhere on earth. The Iridium satellite system comprises three principal components: the satellite network, the ground network and the Iridium subscriber products ranging from satellite phones to pagers. The design of the Iridium network enables voice and data to be routed virtually anywhere in the world. Voice and data calls are relayed from one satellite to another until they reach the satellite above the Iridium Subscriber Unit (handset) and the signal is relayed back to Earth. Both a terrestrial and space based network, the Iridium constellation consists of 66 operational satellites and 13 spare satellites orbiting in a constellation of six polar planes. Each plane has 11 mission satellites performing as nodes in the telephony network. The 13 additional satellites orbit as spares ready to replace any unserviceable satellite. This constellation ensures that every region on the globe is covered by at least one Iridium satellite at all times. The satellites are in a near-polar orbit at an altitude of 485 miles (780 km). They circle the earth once every 100 minutes traveling at a rate of 16,832 miles per hour. Each Iridium satellite is cross-linked to four other satellites; two satellites in the same orbital plane and two in an adjacent plane.

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Inmarsat Satellite Services
Inmarsat Satellite Phones Spot Beam Coverage Map

Inmarsat service is the highest caliber of Explorer Satellite Communications' family of satellite services. Inmarsat delivers voice, fax, real-time ISDN and MPDS data services to the user. With the advent of recent advances in technology, Inmarsat terminals and service have the capability to transmit data and video from anywhere in the world. Inmarsat service offers Geo-Stationary Orbit satellite service that is virtually global. In 2005, Inmarsat will launch its latest generation of satellites (I-4), providing affordable data and voice services at never-before-seen prices and versatility.
Inmarsat Fleet
The Inmarsat Fleet family of services and solutions provides both ocean-going and coastal vessels with comprehensive voice, fax and data communications. Fleet's high-speed Mobile ISDN and cost-effective IP-based Mobile Packet Data Services (MPDS) offer unparalleledInmarsat connectivity including access to email and the internet, weather updates, video conferencing and an advanced voice distress safety system (Fleet77).Inmarsat RBGAN

Inmarsat's Regional BGAN (RBGAN) is a revolutionary system that enables you to surf the web, send e-mail and transfer a host of other data from anywhere within its satellite footprint. RBGAN's footprint covers up to 99 countries stretching across north, central and western Africa, as well as Europe, the Middle East, central Asia, and the Indian sub-continent.


The first new service to be launched on the Inmarsat-4 satellites will be BGAN - the first mobile satellite service to deliver broadband data and voice, simultaneously through one device, to almost anywhere on the planet. Based on IP technology, BGAN will deliver data rates of up to half a megabit.

Thuraya Satellite ServicesThuraya Satellite Phones
Coverage Map

Thuraya is a regional mobile satellite system that provides satellite telephony and data services to Europe, The Mediterranean, Northern Africa and the Middle East region covering more than 120 countries. Utilizing two geostationary satellites and a ground station based in Sharjah, UAE, Thuraya offers a unique product mix of mobile satellite and GSM services from one small handheld satellite phone.

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