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Renting a satellite phone from Explorer Satellite Communications is an excellent alternative for your short-term needs. Explorer Satellite currently offers Daily, Weekly and Monthly satellite phone rental terms. At Explorer Satellite Communications we understand our customers' needs and allow a two day extension at the close of your rental period to accommodate for return shipping. It is our desire for each of our satellite phone rental customers to be completely comfortable with the phone's operation and we will gladly provide expert assistance to ensure your satisfaction.

Downloadable Form:
Rental Agrement

Satellite Rentals Cost
Iridium 9505A (1 week)
Iridium 9505A (1 month)
Iridium 9555 (1 week)
Iridium 9555 (1 month)
Rental Airtime Fees
Iridium 9505A/9555

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Our satellite phone rental units are shipped with everything needed to ensure communication whenever and wherever it is needed the most. Each satellite rental phone is shipped from Explorer Satellite Communications ready to go with an A/C charger, fully charged battery and easy-to-understand dialing instructions.

Additional accessories available:
Additional 2800 Mah Lithium Ion Battery 12 Watt Solar Panel (remote applications)
12 Watt DC Cigarette Lighter Adaptor
Watertight Custom Pelican Hard Case
Auxiliary Antenna & Antenna Adapter
(vehicle and mobile applications)

Explorer Satellite truly appreciates your business and would like to know whether or not we have met all of your expectations. Please take an opportunity to provide us with your comments.


"When the hurricanes hit Florida in 2004, we needed to be able to communicate while restoring power. Explorer Satellite went out of their way to deliver our satellite phones prior to our deployment which enabled us to perform our job quickly and effectively while communicating with our customers. We wouldn't use anyone else for satellite communications other than Explorer Satellite."
-B. Chickowski, IT Director

"Explorer Satellite was a key element to our communication abilities during last year's hurricane relief efforts. Andy runs an extremely customer friendly business including product accessibility and terrific response time to all our satellite phone needs."
-M. Ridgeway, Manager

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