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Explorer Satellite Communications derives its name from Explorer-1; the United States’ first commercial communications satellite ever launched. We chose this name carefully and consider ourselves to be the first commercial satellite communications company launched that will actually fulfill and satisfy our client’s needs. Should you have any questions, require more information, need a price quote or simply wish to contact us - please complete the form below and we will respond immediately.

Explorer Satellite Communications

5201 Ravenswood RD
Suite 110
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

Phone: 954-763-8650
Facsimile: 954-763-8670
Toll-Free: 1-866-662-2665

Email Us:

support@explorersatellite.com ................




Globalstar provides affordable, dependable high quality satellite voice and data service across North America and to over 120 countries worldwide.

The Iridium Satellite System is the only provider of truly global, truly mobile satellite voice and data solutions with complete coverage of the Earth (including oceans, airways and Polar regions).

Inmarsat is the pioneer of global mobile satellite communications. Operating a constellation of geostationary satellites that extend mobile phone, fax and data communications to every part of the world, with exception of the extreme polar regions.

Thuraya offers subscribers freedom of mobility and uninterrupted service. Thuraya's satellite technology supplements conventional terrestrial networks, overcoming the challenges of large geographical areas and insurmountable terrain.


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"We've been dealing with Explorer Satellite since 2004. The service and communications have been superb. We look forward to dealing with Andy for years to come!"
-M. Palmer, Manager

"Explorer Satellite is a 5 star company when it comes to quality of product & service. Andy Cool and Explorer Satellite are shining examples of how to do it right. From the first contact to the very friendly and informative briefing on using the equipment, Andy was a true pleasure to work with. ."
-J. Tanner, CEO

"Explorer Satellite has provided us with prompt professional service. Andy on a number of occasions went far beyond the call of duty to provide a service at the last minute. His diligent efforts will only reap rewards in the future!"
-H. Pruitt, President

"Once again its been a pleasure doing business with you. The phone I purchased works well in the Bahamas, the remote outer banks of North Carolina and flawlessly everywhere I went!"
-B. Walkowiak, Yacht Broker

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