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Branded as “TravellerSIM”,
Thuraya Launches New Service for Business and Occasional Travellers

Thuraya has launched a new pre-paid service branded as “TravellerSIM”, which is designed for business and occasional travellers in need of a reliable communication solution while travelling overseas.

Aimed as a practical solution for individual and institutional customers requiring Thuraya's service on a temporary basis, the “TravellerSIM” offers an affordable service subscription for a limited time period.

“The TravellerSIM is a unique satellite telecom package that ideally suits the needs of customers while on short business trips, expeditions, humanitarian, NGO tasks or holidays in areas where telecoms access is unavailable or not adequately reliable,” says Saeed Al Hamli, Thuraya's chief commercial officer.

He expects the service to be highly popular with purchase orders already being made to Thuraya by the distribution chain.

Given the ubiquitous coverage of Thuraya's satellite system that spans nearly 130 countries, the TravellerSIM will enable customers to benefit from an advanced communication service anywhere, especially in remote and rural areas of developing countries or any other places where telecom service is not sufficiently robust.

“With TravellerSIM, we aim to facilitate the use of Thuraya system for more user segments, avoiding connection and subscription fees and procedures” explains Mr. Al Hamli.

TravellerSIM card is offered at a highly affordable price, and has a validity of one month from the date of making the first call. As a further attraction, the card comes pre-loaded with free credit of 25 units ready for use.

TravellerSIM users can easily top their accounts through SMS, online recharge service or simply by purchasing Thuraya scratch cards that are available at various denominations starting from 10 units.

The TravellerSIM should be used with Thuraya handheld terminals for satellite calls, said Mr. Al Hamli, adding that customers of this new service will enjoy the same functionalities and options available for Thuraya pre-paid subscribers.

The TravellerSIM cards will be available from all Thuraya service providers and distributors.

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