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Thuraya Satellite Services
Thuraya Satellite Phones

Thuraya offers cost-
effective satellite-based mobile telephone services
to nearly one third of the globe. Through its dynamic dual mode handsets and satellite payphones, Thuraya will enhance freedom of movement and connectivity.
Thuraya provides blanket-to-blanket coverage
to more than 110 countries in Europe, North, Central Africa and large parts Southern Africa, the Middle East,
Central and South Asia: a landmass inhabited by an estimated 2.3 billion people. Thuraya offers satellite,
cellular (GSM) service and location determination system (GPS) in a single dual mode handset that is lightweight, elegant and easy to use. The dynamic handset offers voice, data, fax and SMS.

(Archive of 2005 News Clips)

15 March 2006
Thuraya Launches
TravellerSIM Service

13 February 2006
Thuraya Launches
"Call Me Back" Service

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