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Thuraya launches “CallMeBack” service for mobile subscribers

As part of an ongoing service innovation strategy, Thuraya Satellite Telecommunications Company has recently launched “CallMeBack” as the latest addition to its value-added services (VAS) portfolio. The service is meant to add more convenience to mobile subscribers when their phones run out of credit.

Positioned as the satellite mobile operator that is most similar to the familiar GSM service, Thuraya is continuously adopting and providing service features that are popularly offered by GSM systems.

“CallMeBack”, as an international communication concept, is introduced by Thuraya to allow its subscribers, when their phones are out-of-credit, to send SMS message to other mobile users requesting them to call back.

“In such situation, subscribers can send SMS message to other Thuraya handheld users or any other GSM user whose network has a roaming service with the Company,” said Saeed Al Hamli, Thuraya's Chief Commercial Officer.

Currently, Thuraya has nearly 200 GSM roaming partners around the world.

“As it's known, Thuraya serves subscribers in remote and rural areas who could be far away from scratch cards centres. Hence, the “CallMeBack” service will assist subscribers to stay in touch in difficult situations even after fully consuming their phone credit,” explained Mr. Al Hamli.

Tailored primarily for Pre-paid subscribers, the free-of-charge “CallMeBack” feature is also made available to Post-paid subscribers using set credit limits.

Thuraya's value-added services, provided mostly as free features, include SMS, Call Waiting, Call Conference, Call Forwarding, On-line Billing Enquiry and E-Wallet. Thuraya also has premium SMS-based value added services such as Al Jazeera Mobile's breaking news, as well as news services by other TV networks that are expected to be introduced shortly.

Thuraya is a leading regional satellite services provider of mobile satellite services, offering voice and data connectivity to subscribers. The Company provides blanket coverage to nearly 130 countries in the Middle East, North and Central Africa, large parts of Southern Africa, Europe, Central Asia and South Asia, inhabiting a population of an estimated 2.3 billion people.

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