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Iridium Solar Charger:

This Iridium efficient easy-to-
use Solar Charger helps keep
you in communication even in
remote areas or locations with
limited, erratic or no power service.
The Iridium Solar Charger utilizes
solar power to either recharge your
Iridium batteries or extend your
satellite talk time. The Iridium
solar charger
contains an easy
to read LCD metering system
enabling optimal positioning for best performance. In optimal sunlight, the Iridium Solar Charger's charge times are similar to that of the Iridium AC Travel Charger. Batteries must be placed in Iridium satellite phone
when utilizing the Solar Charger.


Iridium Solar Charger
SOLAR-CHRGOut of Stock
Iridium 9505 Brochure
Iridium 9505 User Manual

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