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Iridium Fixed Mount Antenna:

Iridium's Fixed Mount Antenna
is a versatile and larger antenna
that delivers improved reception
over the Iridium Portable Auxiliary Antenna standard with the Iridium
or Iridium 9505 satellite
. The fixed mount antenna
is ideal for Iridium satellite communications via vehicle, building
roof tops, or marine applications. Iridium's fixed antenna works
best if mounted on a metal surface
with a 15.8 inch surface but will work
great on its own. The fixed mount antenna will work on all Iridium Satellite Phone models including
the Iridium 9500 & Iridium 9505.
The Iridium fixed mount antenna is also compatible with the Iridium 9570 Docking Station and Eurocom Marine satellite phones.


Iridium Fixed Mount Antenna
Iridium 9505 Brochure
Iridium 9505 User Manual

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