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Beam Remote Satellite Modem:

The Beam Remote Satellite
Voice/Data Modem
remote environments with data /
SCADA telecommunications access
via the Iridium satellite network.
The Remote Satellite Modem is designed for all remote communi-
cation applications for mobile or
fixed use. These markets include Maritime, Transport, Defence,
Emergency Services, Mining, Construction, Telemetry and
Security. The Beam Remote
Satellite Modem
supports the
use of an optional Intelligent
Handset for voice calls as well
as utilizing the Iridium SMS
service. The Beam handset has
a full alpha numeric keypad as well
as built in ringer and easy use menu functions and display. The Remote Satellite Modem handset can
be easily located anywhere within a vehicle, vessel or fixed site location.


Beam 200 Remote Satellite Modem
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