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Iridium AC Travel Charger:

The Iridium AC Travel Charger
provides rapid charge for optimal
satellite phone performance. The
AC Travel Charger
may be used
to power the Iridium satellite
when the battery is depleted.
The Iridium AC Charger comes standardly equipped with US plug
and includes four international plug adapters for use in Europe, Australia, India and the United Kingdom. The Iridium Travel Charger may be
utilized with both the Iridium 9500
or Iridium 9505 Satellite Phones.
The Iridium AC Travel Charger
enables 2.5 hour charge time for
Standard Battery, 3 hr charge for
High Capacity Battery & 5 hr charge
for Ultra High Capacity Battery.


Iridium Travel Charger
Iridium 9505 Brochure
Iridium 9505 User Manual

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