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Iridium 9500 Satellite Phone:

The Iridium 9500 was the first
model of satellite phones to be
initially released by Iridium. Iridium
9500 satellite phones
are no
longer in production and are a
rarity to find - even used ones.
Despite being slightly larger and
heavier than the Iridium 9505,
this satellite phone offers a cost-
effective way to gain access to
Iridium's completely global service.

The Iridium 9500 Satellite Phone comes equipped with handset;
integral antenna; standard capacity battery; AC Charger with Universal
Plugs; 12 volt Cigarette Lighter Adapter and User Manual.


Iridium 9500 Satellite Phone

Iridium 9500 Brochure

Iridium 9500 User Manual

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