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Thrane Capsat Mobile Messenger:
The Capsat Messenger is one of
the leading Global Area Network (GAN)/M4 terminals offering a 64
kbps connectivity anywhere in the
world. From the safety and conven-
ience of your vehicle, Thrane's
Capsat Mobile Messenger
you to communicate with ISDN speed
anywhere you travel. Communication
is maintained at speeds up to 110 km
per hour and re-established immediately upon passing under a bridge or tunnel. The high-speed data rate of the
Capsat Messenger
and the Euro
ISDN interface makes it possible to browse the Internet, connect to your
Local or Wide Area Network, transmit store and forward video, send pictures
and high quality voice.

Thrane Capsat Mobile Messenger
Inmarsat GAN Brochure
Thrane Mobile Messenger Brochure
Inmarsat Coverage Map

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