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Thrane & Thrane Mini-C:
Thrane's Mini-C offers global data communication via the Inmarsat-C Satellite Network, and supports all Inmarsat-C services including e-mail, position reporting & polling, fax and
telex, in addition to other Inmarsat-C mobiles. The extremely compact
design and power conserving features
of the Mini-C make it very attractive
for use in AVL (Automatic Vehicle/
Vessel Location), VMS (Vehicle/
Vessel Monitoring System), SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) and E-mail applications.
Thrane's Mini-C ensures fast and
reliable transfer of vital information, position reporting, data monitoring, messaging, loading and unloading information, route planning etc.

Thrane Mini-C
Thrane Mini-C Brochure
Inmarsat Coverage Map

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