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Thrane & Thrane Capsat Fleet F55:
With an antenna even smaller and
lighter than the very successful,
compact Capsat Fleet 77, this
latest maritime high-speed satellite communication terminal provides
the same services as its bigger
relative but only on the Inmarsat
spot beams: ISDN (for telephone,
Group 4-fax and data) and packet-switched data service (MPDS).
Because the antenna is smaller,
the Thrane Capsat Fleet55 is
particularly well suited for smaller
vessels like yachts, patrol boats
and fishing vessels. The Capsat F55 terminal is an integrated communication center providing communications via desktop phones, payphones, cordless telephones, and fax machines.

Thrane Capsat Fleet 55
Inmarsat Fleet Brochure
Inmarsat Fleet Family Brochure
Inmarsat Fleet F55 Brochure

Thrane Fleet F55 Capsat Brochure
Fleet F55 / F77 Reference Manual
Fleet F55 Technical Specs

Inmarsat Fleet Coverage Map

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