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Thrane & Thrane Capsat Fleet F33:
The small, lightweight antenna of
the Capsat Fleet33 means that
satellite communication is now
available to a wider range of ships especially small to medium vessels
such as yachts, patrol boats and
fishing vessels. Thrane's Fleet
system provides a constant
two-way link offering constant
weather updates, access to e-mail,
the internet, and in many cases
the corporate Intranet all vital for
most ships at sea. Via Inmarsat
Fleet MPDS the Capsat Fleet F33 enables ships to be continuously
online at a very low idle time and
charged only for the amount of data transferred making it the most
economic and convenient solution
for e-mail and small to medium size
data transfer while connected.

Thrane Capsat Fleet 33
Inmarsat Fleet Brochure
Inmarsat Fleet Family Brochure
Inmarsat Fleet F33 Brochure

Fleet F33 Reference Manual
Fleet F33 Technical Specs

Inmarsat Fleet Coverage Map

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