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Thrane Capsat Messenger:
The Capsat Messenger is your
best choice for a truly portable high-
speed data terminal. The high-speed
data rate of Thrane's Capsat
and the Euro ISDN
interface make it possible to browse
the internet, connect to your local
or wide area network, transmit real
time, store and forward video, send pictures and broadcast quality voice.
With Capsat Messenger it is also possible to use the Inmarsat IPDS service. When utilizing IPDS, you
will only be charged per transmitted
Mbit and not per minute meaning
Thrane's Capsat Messenger is
the premiere choice for flexibility
and cost savings

Thrane Capsat Messenger
Inmarsat GAN Brochure
Thrane Capsat MessengerBrochure
Inmarsat Coverage Map

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