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Thrane Big Dish Antenna:
The Big dish antenna, enables a complete weather proof fixed solution
at a remote location. Utilizing the
Global Area Network, Thrane's
Big Dish Antenna
covers both
high speed and low speed data
needs. The 64kbps ISDN rate is
ideally suited for all Internet ap-
plications, video conferencing and
many other applications while also enabling access to the inexpensive
low speed mini-m services for voice,
fax and data. With the Capsat Messenger fixed solution, should
you lose power, you still have a built-
in telephone and battery so you'll
never lose the ability to stay in touch.
The system is well suited as a back
up, not only to other satellite systems,
but also to landbased infrastructures.

Thrane Big Dish Antenna
Inmarsat Mini-M TechnicalSpecs
Thrane Capsat MessengerBrochure
Inmarsat Coverage Map

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