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Inmarsat BGAN Countdown T-minus 2: Ride Into Orbit
The second Inmarsat-4 (I-4)
satellite has a more direct
route into geostationary orbit
than its twin - the F1 - which
was launched successfully in March 2005 from Cape Canaveral, Florida.
A ground station at
Lake Cowichan in British
Columbia acquires the first
signal from the I-4 - two hours
after launch.
The I-4 spends
about two days in the first
transfer orbit as initial position
fixing takes place.
With testing complete after about four weeks, the satellite is manoeuvred to
its final location above northern Brazil, ready to bring broadband
to the Americas.

Inmarsat Satellite Services
Inmarsat Satellite Phones Inmarsat is the pioneer
of global mobile satellite communications.
Inmarsat stands at the forefront of 3G wireless telephony, capitalizing on almost a quarter of a century's experience to deliver broadband communications solutions to enterprise, maritime and aeronautical users around the globe. Inmarsat operates a constellation of
geostationary satellites that extend
mobile phone, fax and data communi-
cations to every part of the world,
except the poles.
End-users can dial
into the international telephone network and send data over the Internet at any time, simply by connecting to an Inmarsat satellite.
They include ship-owners, TV broadcasters, international aid workers, national governments, commercial airlines, etc.

Archives: (2005 ) / (2006)

19 December 2005
Inmarsat Digital Maritime Enhancements in AOR-W

14 December 2005
Inmarsat Will Run Galileo Network Operations

14 December 2005
Inmarsat Unveils SwiftBroadband Service
at Dubai AirShow

7 December 2005
Inmarsat Announces
Launch of BGAN Service

18 November 2005
Inmarsat's AeroMobile
In-Flight Cell Phone
Service Tested

8 November 2005
Second Inmarsat-4
Satellite Speeds into Orbit

1 November 2005
Inmarsat RBGAN Utilized in Cross Country Motor Rally

17 October 2005
Inmarsat RBGAN Perfect for Mount Elbrus Expedition

14 October 2005
Inmarsat RBGAN Backbone
to Niger Famine Alert

10 October 2005
Inmarsat Satellite Helps Rescue Workers After Pakistan-India Earthquake

28 September 2005
Katrina & Threat of Rita
Keep Inmarsat Prepared for Emergency Response

23 September 2005
Inmarsat Plays Vital Role
in Hurricane Rita

22 September 2005
Inmarsat's SwiftBroadband Provides Revolutionary
In- Flight Service

20 September 2005
Inmarsat at the Heart of
Volvo Race Communications

6 September 2005
Inmarsat Extends Capacity in Wake of Hurricane Katrina

31 August 2005
Inmarsat Service Provides
Vital Back-Up Communications for Disaster Relief Efforts

12 August 2005
RBGAN Terminal Integral
Role in Washington Post

30 June 2005
Inmarsat-3 Plays Key Role in Pioneering Flight Across Africa

4 May 2005
Thailand Installs First Phase of National Tsunami Warning System via Inmarsat

22 April 2005
Inmarsat Puts Sri Lanken Families Affected by Tsunami
in Touch with Loved Ones

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