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Inmarsat BGAN Countdown T-minus 4: Second I-4 Ready
for Ocean Launch

Inmarsat's second I-4 satellite, which will provide mobile voice
and broadband data services
across the Americas, is under-going pre-flight checks and fuelling.
The first satellite in the series, launched in March, is already in commercial service covering Inmarsat's Indian Ocean Region. With its full load of fuel, the I-4 weighs nearly six tons and is the size of a double-decker bus.
Beta testing of BGAN terminals,
are scheduled to begin soon.

NERA WorldSet:
The Nera WorldSet enables
Inmarsat BGAN
users to configure
their BGAN terminal independently
of a computer, which is ideal for
users primarily wanting to use
BGAN for telephony. Moreover,
signal strength and battery status
is shown on the display. The Nera WorldSet provides Inmarsat users
with many of the features known
from GSM and DECT phones
including SMS text messaging,
address lists, and call logs as well
as loadspeaker option for handsfree
operation. In addition the Nera World
has all the functionality of a
standard ISDN handset.

Nera Worldset
Inmarsat BGAN Brochure
Nera BGAN Brochure
Nera BGAN Solutions Brochure
Nera WorldPro 1000 BGAN Brochure
Nera WorldSet BGAN Data Sheet

Inmarsat BGAN Coverage Map

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