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T-minus 6: R-BGAN reaches across Africa and Asia
The switch to the new Inmarsat-4 (I-4) spacecraft on July 9 which extends Regional BGAN (R-BGAN) coverage across most of Africa and Asia, will include many parts of Russia, China, Indonesia and Australia for the first time. This vastly extended range of Regional BGAN is being marked by the re-branding of the service as R-BGAN. The R-BGAN satellite IP modem becomes the first product in the forthcoming BGAN range of mobile

NERA World Phone Provident:
If you are working at a remote
permanent site, Provident's
durable high gain fixed antenna
reduces user time costs significantly.
Now telecommunications can be
installed in the remotest areas of
the world whit very little initial
investment. The Nera WorldPhone Provident antenna is ideal for
isolated villages, farms businesses, construction sites and so on.

Nera WorldPhone Provident
Inmarsat Mini-M TechnicalSpecs
Nera World Phone Family Brochure
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