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NERA WorldCommunicator Voyager: NWC Voyager is a vehicular
Global Area Network (GAN) satellite terminal operating over Inmarsat I-3
in spot-beam, prepared for I-4. The
GAN capability combines the high
quality and speed of the full mobile
ISDN 64 kbps service with the cost effective flexibility of Mobile Packet
Data Services (MPDS). Through the integration of IT and mobile satcoms,
the Nera WorldCommunicator
provides flexible access
to a broad range of communications solutions and immediate access to critical, real- time data, whenever it
is needed. The Nera Voyager is
designed for vehicular use and is
ideal for journalists, company rep-
resentatives, military personnel or
any individual requiring access to advanced wireless communications services from remote locations.

Nera World Communicator Voyager
Inmarsat GAN Brochure
Nera WC Voyager Brochure
Inmarsat Coverage Map

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