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NERA World Communicator:
Whether you are in exploration,
mining, construction, aid work,
rescue or media, maintaining
contact with the outside world is
crucial. Which is why Nera has
developed the Nera World-Communicator, a truly portable communication system for high
speed data and voice transmission.
As discrete and convenient as
hand luggage, the Nera World-Communicator enables you to
access the internet and send and
receive e-mail, data files, fax and
voice messages from one compact
unit anywhere in the world. And
where continuity of communications
is vital, such as in airport and banks,
the Nera WorldCommunicator
also acts as an essential back-up
in the event of land line and failure.

Nera World Communicator
Inmarsat GAN Brochure
Nera World Communicator Brochure
Nera World Communicator Manual
Inmarsat Coverage Map

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