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NERA Fleet F77:
The Nera F77 is a result of Nera's unrivalled knowledge and long
track record of providing highly
reliable and robust products
building on the proven reliability
of the Saturn B satellite system.
With Nera Fleet F77, ships will
command the communication
tools associated with everyday
business on land. Because you
will only pay for the data transmitted
and not for the time connected,
you can choose to be permanently
online. Combined with both MPDS
and ISDN the Nera Fleet F77 on
board enables you have the best of
all worlds: choice of applications,
speed and transmission quality.

Nera Fleet F77
Inmarsat Fleet Brochure
Inmarsat Fleet Family Brochure
Inmarsat Fleet F77 Brochure

Nera Fleet F77 Brochure
Fleet F55 / F77 Reference Manual
Fleet F77 Technical Specs

Inmarsat Fleet Coverage Map

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