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NERA Fleet F55:
With Nera F55, Nera expands their experience with 64 kbps data, MPDS
(Mobile Packet Data Service), and
high quality products dedicated to
the maritime market. Nera's unrivalled knowledge combined with the proven reliability of the Nera Saturn A & B
satellite systems opened the door
for Nera F55. Nera Fleet F55 is
ideally suited for vessels requiring a smaller antenna, simple installation, reliable service and lower cost. Now
with the launch of the Nera F55
terminals, smaller vessels will also
have access to 64 kbps data service
and MPDS.

Nera Fleet F55
Inmarsat Fleet Brochure
Inmarsat Fleet Family Brochure
Inmarsat Fleet F55 Brochure

Nera Fleet F55 Brochure
Fleet F55 / F77 Reference Manual
Fleet F55 Technical Specs

Inmarsat Fleet Coverage Map

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