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NERA Fleet F33:
Designed specifically to meet
the needs of smaller and medium-
sized motor and sailing yachts, Nera delivers a cost-effective solution
based on the state-of-the-art
Inmarsat Fleet satellite platform.
Nera F33's state-of-the-art system provides you with telephone, fax,
e-mail and Internet access - even
when you are out of reach of
conventional mobile phone or radio networks. Based on the highly
successful Nera F77 system, the
Nera Fleet F33
has been specifically tailored for motor and sailing yacht applications. Now you can enjoy
more time on board your yacht,
secure in the knowledge that you're
in constant contact with business colleagues and decision-making information-like having an office at sea.

Nera Fleet F33
Inmarsat Fleet Brochure
Inmarsat Fleet Family Brochure
Inmarsat Fleet F33 Brochure

Nera Fleet F33 Fishing Brochure
Nera Fleet F33 Yachting Brochure
Fleet F33 Reference Manual
Fleet F33 Technical Specs

Inmarsat Fleet Coverage Map

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